Thinking about buying somre web hosting at some point over the next few days to hold a website –

I have been playing around with some designs and trying to keep it really simply and quite visual. I’m quite glad to have started this, I feel like this has been hanging over me for a while so its good to get it off the ground. Here’s a screenshot of something I built today, my knowledge of HTML and CSS is pretty shit so theres the added bonus of learning this.

This page will function as the home page and I intend to have a portfolio section in it. With my previous post talking about physical and digital works, I would quite like to set up subdomains to house on going projects which can be accessed through the QR codes which I am going to put in images. They will be on subdomains like and, keeping the main site seperate from the subdomains.

Still a bit to go and a lot of coding to pick up but here’s what I have just now.