Liminal Identities

I like these kind of projects, this one by Rebecca Allen, that cross the boundary of the real and the virtual. In the case the physical object will capture the faces of the exhibition users and transfer them into the installation digital counterpart. There is also the ability to breathe on the installation, capturing different senses and transferring them into the virtual realm.



Senses Reconnected

The idea:

  • The project sought to explore the cross over between the real and the virtual in relation to our senses.
  • The digital terminals explored how our senses can be manipulation and distorted with the use of digital technologies

The concept took the form of a large scale digital installation made up of a main structure with 3 terminals that investigate the manipulation of our senses in the digital realm, with 3 other cylinder terminals that explore the senses of the ‘real’ world.

Viewers were asked to stand at the 3 terminals and given the opportunity of receiving outputs or inputing information that was viewed on the other terminals