Thinking about buying somre web hosting at some point over the next few days to hold a website –

I have been playing around with some designs and trying to keep it really simply and quite visual. I’m quite glad to have started this, I feel like this has been hanging over me for a while so its good to get it off the ground. Here’s a screenshot of something I built today, my knowledge of HTML and CSS is pretty shit so theres the added bonus of learning this.

This page will function as the home page and I intend to have a portfolio section in it. With my previous post talking about physical and digital works, I would quite like to set up subdomains to house on going projects which can be accessed through the QR codes which I am going to put in images. They will be on subdomains like and, keeping the main site seperate from the subdomains.

Still a bit to go and a lot of coding to pick up but here’s what I have just now.


Possible project visualisation

Quite like the duality of a project like this. Both outcomes, physical and virtual, could feed off of each other and create a good amount of development as they progress. Below I’ve thrown together a quick visualisation showing a physical work and its counterpart on the net. For the site I am not fussed about having a strict structure and would quite like for things to be dotted about.

In terms of the physical work, these are only representation and would ideally like to create images with alot of elements involving appropriated images, the gradients I have been looking at and some digital painting.

QR codes (10)

Quite like this idea of forcing the viewer to interact with the image in order to see the whole thing, ties in with that Reporters without border project as well.

QR codes (9)

Finally finished the self portrait experiment, don’t have a smart phone to see how if it works though haha, couple of mistake and you can still see the pencil marks but I like that about it.

QR codes (8)

Progress with the QR self portrait, all the grid is there just need to fill in the squares. Hope this works, if theres a box out it could link to anything or nothing.

QR codes (7)

Messed up the last one, the grid I drew out didn’t have enough squares in it. Began this new one using ink on paper, have a frame to put it in also.

Reporters without borders

A cool project using QR codes which play videos over faces in a magazine.