QR codes (5) Self portrait

Took a self portrait to put into a QR generator with the intension of painting the result, heres the picture and the QR code.


Glasgow Smile (2)

Tonight I’m going to try and take some pictures to try and progress with the Glasgow Smile idea – I think I’m going to try and experiment with the images to create something similar to Douglas Gordons cut out collages where he removes features such as the eyes etc from photographs.

I was thinking as another development of what I have been doing over the past few weeks was to try and distort or manipulate the elements and personal features of the images, in order to not offend anyone I’ll use myself as the guinea pig. This will be my first experiment with the Renaissance Humanism section of my project where I intend to study and¬†experiment¬†with ideas surrounding the individual as opposed to cultural or issues dealing with society.

I quite like the idea of adopting the same working methods both to the global and individual sides of my project, this is in the hope that the project moves forward as one whilst retaining a sort of duality.

Artwork Idea Two (2)

Be good if I could get the sound part of this project to speak aloud Twitter posts for example of the person in the painting.

It would seem as if the painting is speaking to the audience, constantly changing and adding a new dimension to the portrait, the thoughts of the individual.