From looking at different articles on the new aesthetic I’m starting to become quite influenced by it. From looking at these images here it got me back to think about the pixelation experiments I done a while back.

What I like about the idea of pixelation is that it portrays a sort of passing of time, or waiting for the image to appear as it reminds me of old internet browsers where you would see the pixels getting smaller until it became the clear image. Below is the first image i created using pixelation and the second is an image where I’ve tried to capture the effects of a loading browser however I don’t think its very successful.




Cheers to Ben for linking me to these works, where the works of Rubens and Van Dyck have been digitally manipulated. Extremely good example for my contemporary art context.

Rashid Rana

Only just discovered this guy who works both with perspective and pixelation, two things I’ve spoken about before.

Into Pixelation

Quite like the top one that was created by making the image size bigger so the pixel filter couldn’t simplify as much as the second one (a smaller image) I really really hate the bottom one.