Despotism (3) – Condottieri

Trying to develop my ideas on the themes from the Renaissance book, I’ve written about the despotism in previous posts and developed this by looking at Condottieri or hired soldiers that were big players and important to the change in the geography of states during the Renaissance and affected what leaders would get into power. The influence of these Condottieri had a profound effect on the development or the Renaissance world and often these mercenary leaders would attempt to control states of their own.

To relate this to a contemporary context I have compared these Condottieri to the private army and mercenaries of today, specifically the Blackwater organisation who currently have contracts in Iraq and have been the subject of debate and controversy as to their role in this war. Other modern comparisons can be found within Africa where rebel leaders have grown to be incredibly powerful within their own countries. For this experiment I found a painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson and is a depiction of a war scene, not the perfect image for what I’m trying to do here but I like the idea of the comparison of old Condottieri to their contemporary counterparts.


Body and beauty in the 21st century update

Been working on this for a few weeks now, playing around with layouts and designs, still not got my website sorted out so don’t have the server space to upload it. Still not had a good think about making it mobile friendly yet which I think is going to cause some major problems.

Photoshop techniques (3)

Another play around with experiments using Brutus, a character who is discussed in the Renaissance book I bought. I’ve incorporated a sculpture of his face with a gradient background and other straight gradients on top. For the image to the right I have used the text of the face technique to include a extract from a Shakespeare play in relation to him

Photoshop techniques (2)

Another technique I was playing around with today, merging text with faces.

Photoshop techniques

I have been playing around with some photoshop techniques today, mainly look at dispersion and displacement. Here is an experiment I done trying to hack away at this sculpture, not very good but it was a good experiment I thought.