Took this a few weeks back just outside my house at sunset, really liked the colours of the sky which reminded me of the photoshop colour picker


QR codes (5) Self portrait

Took a self portrait to put into a QR generator with the intension of painting the result, heres the picture and the QR code.

Glasgow Smile (2)

Tonight I’m going to try and take some pictures to try and progress with the Glasgow Smile idea – I think I’m going to try and experiment with the images to create something similar to Douglas Gordons cut out collages where he removes features such as the eyes etc from photographs.

I was thinking as another development of what I have been doing over the past few weeks was to try and distort or manipulate the elements and personal features of the images, in order to not offend anyone I’ll use myself as the guinea pig. This will be my first experiment with the Renaissance Humanism section of my project where I intend to study and experiment with ideas surrounding the individual as opposed to cultural or issues dealing with society.

I quite like the idea of adopting the same working methods both to the global and individual sides of my project, this is in the hope that the project moves forward as one whilst retaining a sort of duality.

Candice Brietz

I like the Ghost Series among other works created by Brietz, these remind me of what I was talking about painting over pictures. Here the artist seems to be making a statement on race, she is a berlin based south african artist and I think with these works she trying to show how the african culture was manipulated by colonial presences in africa. So much so that the tradition and the indigenous people became like ghosts within their own environment.


I recently watched David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge which was recommended to me by Jonathan a few weeks back. An eye opening documentary that detail how perspective and in particular how mirrors were used in the creation of paintings around the time of the Renaissance. The artist tended to keep these methods a secret from wider knowledge, probably to keep other from stealing their techniques. It was interesting to see how the paintings in question were quite small, usually about 30cm, but had so much detail to them as well as being mathematically accurate. This Van Eyck below is a good example:

Watching this was good as it got me thinking again about perspective which I mentioned in the outline of project towards the beginning. I never finished reading the virtual window book but may try to complete it to see how perspective has been developed with digital technologies.

Rineke Dijkstra

These type of works is what i’m going for in the Glasgow  Smile

New Idea – Glasgow Smile

When trying to come up with ideas in relation to the Global Renaissance part of my project I have been thinking about issues that exist where I live, Glasgow. I have been trying to look at stereotypes of the city and hope to tackle negative ones in the hope of shedding a new light on the range of people and cultures that live here.

To relate back to things I was talking about for Global Renaissance I think the idea of multi culturalism and stereotypes fit in well and what better place to look at than the city where I’m from. There a few strange paradoxes when it comes to Glasgow reputation, not to sure how these came about, most likely through others opinions and experiences of visiting or meeting people from here. The first is its reputation as one of the friendliest cities in the UK whilst at the same time portrayed by some as a hard city, at one time dubbed the murder capital of Europe. Although not the best stereotype to have I am interested in how these polar opposite ideas have attached themselves to the city.

The first series of work I was thinking about will be based around the idea of the Glasgow smile and will aim to document or portrait the types of people living in Glasgow. The title will be ironic compared to the what is in the image, the Glasgow smile being a scar that runs from the edge of the mouth all the way up the face. Within the image I would like to document several types of people and cultures smiling to the camera, not thought too much about what it will look like exactly at this moment in time but I aim to capture the idea of paradox that I mentioned earlier with these images. The title with connotations of the violent or rough side of the city put along the friendly citizens smiling back. I have been looking at other artists who are using photography and found a few that I like.