Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors

I keep coming back to look at this image, it’s significance in showing the development of the Renaissance man along with discoveries made in the Renaissance world leads me to think that I should create something based on this for my project.



Body and beauty in the 21st century update

Been working on this for a few weeks now, playing around with layouts and designs, still not got my website sorted out so don’t have the server space to upload it. Still not had a good think about making it mobile friendly yet which I think is going to cause some major problems.

Photoshop techniques (2)

Another technique I was playing around with today, merging text with faces.

Project development, body and beauty in the 21st century

I have been looking through a book I got a few years back called “1001 paintings to see before you die” by Stephen Farthing. I have been looking for inspiration on styes and aesthetics of works which I can incorporate into my own, as well as looking for themes and concepts which have been present in artworks throughout history.

To go back to my first ideas about studying the body, this themes has stood out the most for me whilst doing this. The nude and the human body have been depicted in art for various reasons ranging from anatomical study, the depiction of beauty or simple voyeurism. I am interested in looking at this through the eyes of the 21st century and investigating the change in these concepts from history to the modern era. I found these images below which I intend to be my starting point for this:

Titian – Venus of Urbino

Ingeres – Odalisque with Slave

Ingres – Die Badende von Valpincon

Carracci – Venus with a Satyr and Cupids


Love this painting

Richard Prince

QR codes (6) beginning the painting

Here I’ve started to put a grid onto a canvas so as to map out where the particular black squares are going. Was quite difficult to keep the lines the same distance apart however I’m not too fussed if it’s not perfect, the whole point is looking into how the effort of creation from the original photograph is cast aside over the labour that goes into the creating the digital QR code as a painting. How the real has became virtual and the virtual has became real, the fact that it won’t be perfect adds to the idea that a hand painted or drawn image is not always perfect.