Political Football

To continue down some of themes of politics that I have been researching into recently, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate more technological and interactive as aspects to my work. I would quite like to use consoles such as the xbox to allow interactivity in future works, Eva and Franco Mattes have already tried to incorporate this aspect in their practice.

One phrase which has caught my attention is the “political football”, an idea or issues that is “kicked” about from side to side and never really comes to an conclusion. I have thought about creating teams within the game FIFA 12 (or 13 depending when it comes out) and using the cabinets of countries to make up the player of the team. Interesting games could be played such Labour vs Conservative, America vs Russia or even a “Legends” game consisting of the most powerful figure in an East vs West game. the list goes on.

I know on FIFA you can create at least one team however setting up several maybe be a problem. I quite like the idea of using popular media to draw in people to interact more with this work.



Possible project visualisation

Quite like the duality of a project like this. Both outcomes, physical and virtual, could feed off of each other and create a good amount of development as they progress. Below I’ve thrown together a quick visualisation showing a physical work and its counterpart on the net. For the site I am not fussed about having a strict structure and would quite like for things to be dotted about.

In terms of the physical work, these are only representation and would ideally like to create images with alot of elements involving appropriated images, the gradients I have been looking at and some digital painting.

Digital painting ideas

In work i’ve been creating images on photoshop removing the clothing of athletes to replace it with a tartan, been messing about with my own images to come up with some ideas following on from the removal of parts of photographs similar to the last post.

For these works I intend to mask certain parts of images and use the paint brush tool on photoshop to create a painted effect but make it completely abstract. I would like the brush strokes to be large and continue the idea of taking away subject matter from a composition however for this ir is to completely blur it whilst adding a painterly aspect to it.

I’ll see how it goes.

Found a example of a painting that becomes more abstract


Douglas Gordon

I’ve been a big fan of Douglas Gordon and I particularly like how he appropriates old footage and re works it, would like to adopt a style like his for any video work I do

Janet Cardiff

This artist uses sound to heighten and alter individuals experiences of space and time. Quite like these idea and could relate them back to sound projects I wanted to do

Back to the Digital Renaissance

I think the rebirth that I feel is happening is in the ability to find out and research what is happening on all corners of the globe at almost a moments notice – the rebirth through technology is in the development of our world view by being able to contribute or find out about foreign causes, or to become journalists in our right with the tools to be able to communicate and share news and information without much media control, websites such as Twitter and even Facebook, among many others, provide platforms for us to do so.

Ultimately I feel that the opinions and customs of cultures and individuals are developing to incorporate this idea of the ‘world view’ , with the rise of technologies being the catalyst for this. Even if I look at my work along with undertaking the MA, websites are being built for clients in several countries, we discuss art related stuff on Mondays with others from different parts of the world who we may not have ever met all through the use of technologies with programmes such as Skype etc.

This is where I feel the core of the Digital Renaissance lies.

PSD into Dreamweaver

Good video tutorial for bringing PSD layouts in Dreamweaver, could be good for building that gif site idea