Political Football

To continue down some of themes of politics that I have been researching into recently, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate more technological and interactive as aspects to my work. I would quite like to use consoles such as the xbox to allow interactivity in future works, Eva and Franco Mattes have already tried to incorporate this aspect in their practice.

One phrase which has caught my attention is the “political football”, an idea or issues that is “kicked” about from side to side and never really comes to an conclusion. I have thought about creating teams within the game FIFA 12 (or 13 depending when it comes out) and using the cabinets of countries to make up the player of the team. Interesting games could be played such Labour vs Conservative, America vs Russia or even a “Legends” game consisting of the most powerful figure in an East vs West game. the list goes on.

I know on FIFA you can create at least one team however setting up several maybe be a problem. I quite like the idea of using popular media to draw in people to interact more with this work.



Body and beauty in the 21st century update

Been working on this for a few weeks now, playing around with layouts and designs, still not got my website sorted out so don’t have the server space to upload it. Still not had a good think about making it mobile friendly yet which I think is going to cause some major problems.

Possible project visualisation

Quite like the duality of a project like this. Both outcomes, physical and virtual, could feed off of each other and create a good amount of development as they progress. Below I’ve thrown together a quick visualisation showing a physical work and its counterpart on the net. For the site I am not fussed about having a strict structure and would quite like for things to be dotted about.

In terms of the physical work, these are only representation and would ideally like to create images with alot of elements involving appropriated images, the gradients I have been looking at and some digital painting.


Mongrel’s most ambitious project of recent years was its social software development which began with the release of the “Linker” software system in 1999 and culminated with the release of “Nine(9)” in 2003. These works were among the first examples of multimedia authoring software designed by artists themselves for running collaborative arts projects that were sensitive to the cultural expressions of marginalised social groups. These two works alone resulted in invitations by arts organisations to run hundreds of workshops around the world and won numerous citations and awards.

“Nine(9)” is a “knowledge map,” which uses a grid of nine self-selected images to allow participants to easily create links to other images, sounds, video clips and text. Part of a larger grid of knowledge maps by up to 729 others (9 X 9 X 9), the networked maps become a communal knowledge map. As the critic Josephine Bosma has written about the project, ““Nine(9)”is kaleidoscopic and endless. The repeated maps of nine stories within nine images form a rhythmic visual metamap in which all borders meet like on a globe.” “Nine(9)” is designed for “people’s photos, memories, passions and politics.”

Nine(9) was developed over18 months of research at de Waag (the Society for Old and New Media) in Amsterdam. It was launched on 03.03.03 at ImagineIC and de Waag in Amsterdam. Since then Paul Keller and Jenny Wesley have been producing workshops continuously for ImagineIC, the main organisation in Holland highlighting the culture and identity of migrants. To date over 42 workshops have been conducted with 378 participants around the world.

An idea for contemporary methodology

Recently I have been thinking about how to undertake some experiments after I have completed more research and came up with a couple of ideas. In work, I have been working with animated gifs used for advertising and started to notice how many of these things there actually are on the website we visit. On nearly every website there is some form of advertising, either one of these animated gifs or static images. I’ve been thinking about adopting the animated gif (possibly creating a website for these) into my experimentation phase, I feel there is an element of Pop Art to this, although I don’t want to go down that they took, from how they used aspects of culture from their time into their work, and how the animated gif could be used to reflect on contemporary uses of advertising in our time. I’ve also been quite interested in how people brand and style these, again from following company brand guidelines in work whilst making these gifs. I’ve created a few templates that show the typical sizes of these.






Scott Snibbe

Other examples of interactive wall works, the first one records the shadow of the viewer and the second is a projection that can be manipulated.