Political Football

To continue down some of themes of politics that I have been researching into recently, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate more technological and interactive as aspects to my work. I would quite like to use consoles such as the xbox to allow interactivity in future works, Eva and Franco Mattes have already tried to incorporate this aspect in their practice.

One phrase which has caught my attention is the “political football”, an idea or issues that is “kicked” about from side to side and never really comes to an conclusion. I have thought about creating teams within the game FIFA 12 (or 13 depending when it comes out) and using the cabinets of countries to make up the player of the team. Interesting games could be played such Labour vs Conservative, America vs Russia or even a “Legends” game consisting of the most powerful figure in an East vs West game. the list goes on.

I know on FIFA you can create at least one team however setting up several maybe be a problem. I quite like the idea of using popular media to draw in people to interact more with this work.



Older works

Been having a look through my computer and found a couple of older ideas I have worked with that I might like to start doing again. In relation to the Global Renaissance and reading about globalisation I have been gradually more interested in how the economy works as well as looking at political ideas.

I found this collage that I made a while ago which was influenced by Dash Snows work, I took headlines from newspapers to make the phrase “Longer hours are sick demands”, statement might be a bit strong but it was in reaction to reading about the working week of individuals and people being forced into taking up other jobs in order to stay afloat.

I would quite like to work like this, similar to my ideas about taking things from the Internet the newspaper is also a good source for images and articles on subjects. Appropriation of newspapers isn’t new either and I would quite like to incorporate this into some digital collages with newspapers cutting and images over the top.

QR codes (10)

Quite like this idea of forcing the viewer to interact with the image in order to see the whole thing, ties in with that Reporters without border project as well.

Reflection (3)

I have been more and more interested in the idea of Globalisation as I continue to read this book and find that many things can relate back to Global Renaissance aspects I have been talking about. Previously I have been interested in how the world is developing with the addition of technologies as an aid, the development of the individual and global society alongside technology makes up the core of my digital renaissance theory.

In experiments I have used software such as photoshop and appropriated images from the Internet to highlight social and cultural issues by distorting and manipulating them and I would quite like to continue this. With the addition of globalisation research I would like to develop my project and start thinking about maps, the idea of states and countries is something I want to explore and I have briefly touched on this when dealing with the Israeli-Palestine conflict.  I’m not sure how to develop this exactly at this point  but I’ll think of something.

Globalisation (3)

The idea of Globalisation has got me thinking about working with maps and countries in some form. It would be quite good to study the effects of the sovereigns states and the relationship between these on a world level.


I like the idea of these internet maps as well


A friend gave me the very short introduction to Globalisation by Manfred B. Steger. Only really read the introductory chapter but I think it could come in handy for some more research into the global renaissance stuff. The book covers the economic aspects to Globalisation which seems to be the most prominent issues in the mainstream media, it also covers political and cultural aspects which is what I am more interested in studying for my project.

One quote that has caught my eye already is by Roland Robertson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh

Globalisation as a concept refers both to the compression of the world and the intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole.

I think there is a connection between this statement and some of the things I have been mentioning to do with the Internet, the Internet in itself could be viewed as a tool of globalisation covering the world and raising the level of consciousness of different peoples into their place in the global society.

Global Renaissance

I like the idea of going down a political route with the Global Renaissance stuff, using it maybe to highlight certain things that people choose to ignore. A continuation of the stuff I was doing on Palestine might be a good place to start.

I would quite like to use this sort of idea for it.