Body and beauty in the 21st century update

Been working on this for a few weeks now, playing around with layouts and designs, still not got my website sorted out so don’t have the server space to upload it. Still not had a good think about making it mobile friendly yet which I think is going to cause some major problems.


Photoshop techniques (3)

Another play around with experiments using Brutus, a character who is discussed in the Renaissance book I bought. I’ve incorporated a sculpture of his face with a gradient background and other straight gradients on top. For the image to the right I have used the text of the face technique to include a extract from a Shakespeare play in relation to him

Possible project visualisation

Quite like the duality of a project like this. Both outcomes, physical and virtual, could feed off of each other and create a good amount of development as they progress. Below I’ve thrown together a quick visualisation showing a physical work and its counterpart on the net. For the site I am not fussed about having a strict structure and would quite like for things to be dotted about.

In terms of the physical work, these are only representation and would ideally like to create images with alot of elements involving appropriated images, the gradients I have been looking at and some digital painting.

Older works (2)

These are from my degree show which was called Digital Renaissance as well and I think my work for this MA has really started off from these, although the direction I’m going in has changed drastically since then I would put this back as the starting point

QR code (3)

I have been thinking about creating some images which I can use to create QR codes and possibly paint them onto canvas. I like this idea as it bridges the gap between the digital and traditional – the image which is commonly painted by traditional methods exists within the virtual realm where as the QR code, which is created digitally, becomes a physical object and is created using traditional means.

I would like to see a series of these QR paintings hanging on the wall that pull the viewer in and forces them to interact in order to fully see what the work is about. The use of provocative titles for the works may be needed in order for the viewer to feel like they can be bothered to do this, I also think that the smartphone may not be the best device in order to view whatever the images may be so would have to think of an alternative mode of delivery.

Glasgow Smile (2)

Tonight I’m going to try and take some pictures to try and progress with the Glasgow Smile idea – I think I’m going to try and experiment with the images to create something similar to Douglas Gordons cut out collages where he removes features such as the eyes etc from photographs.

I was thinking as another development of what I have been doing over the past few weeks was to try and distort or manipulate the elements and personal features of the images, in order to not offend anyone I’ll use myself as the guinea pig. This will be my first experiment with the Renaissance Humanism section of my project where I intend to study and experiment with ideas surrounding the individual as opposed to cultural or issues dealing with society.

I quite like the idea of adopting the same working methods both to the global and individual sides of my project, this is in the hope that the project moves forward as one whilst retaining a sort of duality.

Reflection (1)

Just having a look through recent research and experimentation I’ve been doing. The main body of stuff I’ve been looking at throughout the past few weeks is the Global Renaissance section where I have been interested in cultural identities, which have manifest themselves as the two experiments looking into Scottish culture through Celtic and Rangers and global conflict with Israel and Palestine.

I think these idea have been inspired by certain artists which I have found though my contemporary context research, in particular Candice Brietz and Taryn Simon.

I’ve quite enjoyed working like this as I have been dealing with ideas that interest me and I also like working within photoshop. I would quite like to continue to do this and take up other ideas and concepts that I find interesting to work with whilst using these working methods. To develop on from this I was thinking of using paint on top of photographs similar to the work I include in my post Digital Painting Ideas 2  (