Gradient Digital Painting (3)

Another development from the pervious images. I read an article about the importance of the AK 47 assault rifle. In modern times the AK 47 has become a symbol of rebellion and even features of the flag of Mozambique. What I have done here is taken the AK 47 silhouette and cross them as if its on a coat of arms, showing the rifles as the symbol of rebellion overlaying the gradient being used to represent the blood spilt by these weapons.


Gradient Digital Painting (2)

Another experiment looking into gradients on Photoshop, I like the look of being lost in a colourful digital space, I think these would be nice with paintings or collage stuff over the top of them.

Using a radial gradient

Gradient Digital Painting

Messing about with gradients on photoshop, like the look of this. More of a backdrop to something than anything else I think.

Digital painting ideas (2)

As an extension of that last idea, I would quite like to create compositions on Photoshop and have them printed, then do a similar thing to what I was saying before however use real paint over the top.

This example shows paint over a photograph


Digital painting ideas

In work i’ve been creating images on photoshop removing the clothing of athletes to replace it with a tartan, been messing about with my own images to come up with some ideas following on from the removal of parts of photographs similar to the last post.

For these works I intend to mask certain parts of images and use the paint brush tool on photoshop to create a painted effect but make it completely abstract. I would like the brush strokes to be large and continue the idea of taking away subject matter from a composition however for this ir is to completely blur it whilst adding a painterly aspect to it.

I’ll see how it goes.

Found a example of a painting that becomes more abstract


Digital painting idea one

Based on a myth of Dionysus, going back to the stuff I was talking about for the Renaissance artists:

dressing the contemporary world up with clothes from the past as a way of understanding the present

Digital painting idea two

Based on a thing I read in a book about Nietschze and Dionysus, i’m thinking of these paintings as a sort of journey.

dressing the contemporary world up with clothes from the past as a way of understanding the present