Despotism (3) – Condottieri

Trying to develop my ideas on the themes from the Renaissance book, I’ve written about the despotism in previous posts and developed this by looking at Condottieri or hired soldiers that were big players and important to the change in the geography of states during the Renaissance and affected what leaders would get into power. The influence of these Condottieri had a profound effect on the development or the Renaissance world and often these mercenary leaders would attempt to control states of their own.

To relate this to a contemporary context I have compared these Condottieri to the private army and mercenaries of today, specifically the Blackwater organisation who currently have contracts in Iraq and have been the subject of debate and controversy as to their role in this war. Other modern comparisons can be found within Africa where rebel leaders have grown to be incredibly powerful within their own countries. For this experiment I found a painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson and is a depiction of a war scene, not the perfect image for what I’m trying to do here but I like the idea of the comparison of old Condottieri to their contemporary counterparts.


Possible project visualisation

Quite like the duality of a project like this. Both outcomes, physical and virtual, could feed off of each other and create a good amount of development as they progress. Below I’ve thrown together a quick visualisation showing a physical work and its counterpart on the net. For the site I am not fussed about having a strict structure and would quite like for things to be dotted about.

In terms of the physical work, these are only representation and would ideally like to create images with alot of elements involving appropriated images, the gradients I have been looking at and some digital painting.

Photoshop optical effects

Just messing about here, was looking at some op art and decided to try make this image.

Hurts the eyes a bit

Older works

Been having a look through my computer and found a couple of older ideas I have worked with that I might like to start doing again. In relation to the Global Renaissance and reading about globalisation I have been gradually more interested in how the economy works as well as looking at political ideas.

I found this collage that I made a while ago which was influenced by Dash Snows work, I took headlines from newspapers to make the phrase “Longer hours are sick demands”, statement might be a bit strong but it was in reaction to reading about the working week of individuals and people being forced into taking up other jobs in order to stay afloat.

I would quite like to work like this, similar to my ideas about taking things from the Internet the newspaper is also a good source for images and articles on subjects. Appropriation of newspapers isn’t new either and I would quite like to incorporate this into some digital collages with newspapers cutting and images over the top.

Richard Prince

Glasgow Smile (2)

Tonight I’m going to try and take some pictures to try and progress with the Glasgow Smile idea – I think I’m going to try and experiment with the images to create something similar to Douglas Gordons cut out collages where he removes features such as the eyes etc from photographs.

I was thinking as another development of what I have been doing over the past few weeks was to try and distort or manipulate the elements and personal features of the images, in order to not offend anyone I’ll use myself as the guinea pig. This will be my first experiment with the Renaissance Humanism section of my project where I intend to study and experiment with ideas surrounding the individual as opposed to cultural or issues dealing with society.

I quite like the idea of adopting the same working methods both to the global and individual sides of my project, this is in the hope that the project moves forward as one whilst retaining a sort of duality.

Photoshopping images

From looking at the works of Richard Prince, Douglas Gordon and Angus Fairhurst I have been thinking about how I can do some experiments involving digital collage – I have been particulary interested in in Douglas Gordon and Angus Fairhursts subtraction of elements from images.

Going back to what I have previously spoken about in relation to starting the experimentation stage based around Glasgow I have decided to make these images based around a massive rivalry that exists in Glasgow – Celtic and Rangers. the rivalry is deeply rooted within Scottish culture as a whole and a striking aspect of it is the distinctive colours both teams adopt. Rangers, typically associated with unionism and Britishness sport the red, white and blue for their strips based off of the Union Jack whereas Celtic adopt the green, white and gold reflecting the Irish roots and heritage. As a bitter, and often violent, rivalry I am interested in how the colours of these teams reflect the identity of the supporters and the people they represent. What would it be like without the importance placed on these colours, where sometimes wearing the wrong one in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you into a bit of bother.

As part of the Global Renaissance section of my project I feel this is important as it is a big issue for Glasgow as a society. I purely want to focus on the aesthetics of the rivalry and stay away from the political and religious elements that are associated with it at this point. The focus of these works is to subtract the colour and trying to subtract the important issues they represent.