Baroque and Glasgow

Found an interesting point about the Baroque period which has an odd connection to problems that have been present in Glasgow

Baroque that was primarily associated with the religious tensions within Western Christianity: division on Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. (

In a previous post I discussed the idea of creating work surrounding Glasgow, I included a painting that I started dealing with the idea of sectarianism within the city, an idea which has been quite prevalent in the news over the past year and something I was interested in studying further. From the same website I found another good quote

Baroque that use revolutionary technique of dramatic, selective illumination of figures out of deep shadow – a hallmark of Baroque painting. Contrary to the traditional idealized interpretation of religious subjects, Baroque realistically presents models from the streets.

Here it discusses Baroques use of the average person in its art as opposed to famous or religious figures, this technique was adopted in the attempt to communicate religious themes in a direct and emotional involvement. I am going to further study this idea in depth as I think there could be some interesting connections between the religious differences in baroque society to the one present in Glasgow today.