Methods of advertising

Following on from the idea of creating animated gifs I have been interested in the situations in which we views, their presence in cyberspace and increasingly I have been thinking about the power of advertising. Not so much into the message or the images, as I would create my own, but the presence of form advertising takes and how the public interact with it. Working in the agency I am in just now has helped me to develop a new way of looking at these issues.

As well as website advertising, I am beginning to notice the amount of adverts situated in bus stops and train stations, increasingly videos are being used along with the rollover over boards, that switch between several adverts. Would be quite interested in developing ideas around this.


An idea for contemporary methodology

Recently I have been thinking about how to undertake some experiments after I have completed more research and came up with a couple of ideas. In work, I have been working with animated gifs used for advertising and started to notice how many of these things there actually are on the website we visit. On nearly every website there is some form of advertising, either one of these animated gifs or static images. I’ve been thinking about adopting the animated gif (possibly creating a website for these) into my experimentation phase, I feel there is an element of Pop Art to this, although I don’t want to go down that they took, from how they used aspects of culture from their time into their work, and how the animated gif could be used to reflect on contemporary uses of advertising in our time. I’ve also been quite interested in how people brand and style these, again from following company brand guidelines in work whilst making these gifs. I’ve created a few templates that show the typical sizes of these.