QR codes (8)

Progress with the QR self portrait, all the grid is there just need to fill in the squares. Hope this works, if theres a box out it could link to anything or nothing.


QR codes

Luckily today I missed my train into work and had to buy a single from the machines in the station, I was looking at it on the way home and noticed that if you buy it from the machine in Glasgow central there is a QR code on the back.

This got me thinking about the capabilities of QR codes and possibly trying to fit them into to my work somewhere. What I like about them is that you don’t really know where it is that the QR code is going to take you after you’ve photographed it and it has processed the link. I also quite like the minimalistĀ appearanceĀ of them and how by changing around some of the squares you could end up in very different places on the web.