Sustainability and my project

I have been thinking about the idea of looking at sustainability and art for our collaboration project. At first I was a bit skeptical due to the fact that I wasn’t really too sure what direction I could go with this, or what kind of outcome could be produced by looking at sustainability and art in the digital environment.

Since then however I feel this could work well, the idea of sustainability and the protection of the environment in the digital age is something I could bring into my digital renaissance project. The idea could tie in well with my global renaissance stuff as it is important to the well being of the planet, I also like the idea of looking into this as it co incides with alot of ideas that the Scottish government are coming up within the fields of green energy and the likes.


Tradigital art

In an attempt to appease my traditional fine arts side with the digital, I quite like the idea of creating collages and compositions on photoshop which I can print and paint over the top of it.

Heres a shitty example to demonstrate what I mean, done on photoshop but its suppose to represent the painting with the digital image

Reflection (3)

I have been more and more interested in the idea of Globalisation as I continue to read this book and find that many things can relate back to Global Renaissance aspects I have been talking about. Previously I have been interested in how the world is developing with the addition of technologies as an aid, the development of the individual and global society alongside technology makes up the core of my digital renaissance theory.

In experiments I have used software such as photoshop and appropriated images from the Internet to highlight social and cultural issues by distorting and manipulating them and I would quite like to continue this. With the addition of globalisation research I would like to develop my project and start thinking about maps, the idea of states and countries is something I want to explore and I have briefly touched on this when dealing with the Israeli-Palestine conflict.  I’m not sure how to develop this exactly at this point  but I’ll think of something.

Globalisation (3)

The idea of Globalisation has got me thinking about working with maps and countries in some form. It would be quite good to study the effects of the sovereigns states and the relationship between these on a world level.


I like the idea of these internet maps as well

Globalisation (2)

From the initial reading of the Globalisation book I feel that this is something that I should have researched earlier. The book details several time periods and different types of Globalisation wiping the theory that it is a contemporary phenomenon, discussing the rise of writing and language, to the wheel and other inventions up to the industrial and digital eras as well as migration as the mutiple causes of globalisation.

The role of technology is something the author states as being an important factor in how the world is getting ‘smaller’ and also contributes this to different cultures integrating on a global level. I’ve still to read the rest of the book but I feel these theories are going to become integral to my project.


A friend gave me the very short introduction to Globalisation by Manfred B. Steger. Only really read the introductory chapter but I think it could come in handy for some more research into the global renaissance stuff. The book covers the economic aspects to Globalisation which seems to be the most prominent issues in the mainstream media, it also covers political and cultural aspects which is what I am more interested in studying for my project.

One quote that has caught my eye already is by Roland Robertson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh

Globalisation as a concept refers both to the compression of the world and the intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole.

I think there is a connection between this statement and some of the things I have been mentioning to do with the Internet, the Internet in itself could be viewed as a tool of globalisation covering the world and raising the level of consciousness of different peoples into their place in the global society.

QR codes (5) Self portrait

Took a self portrait to put into a QR generator with the intension of painting the result, heres the picture and the QR code.