Political Football (2)

After doing a but of research, it appears that making your own team in FIFA 12 isn’t that straight forward, however with FIFA street you are able to. I think this works out quite well because I like the idea of countries going head to head not within the football stadium but within a street setting. Need to buy the game though.


Political Football

To continue down some of themes of politics that I have been researching into recently, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate more technological and interactive as aspects to my work. I would quite like to use consoles such as the xbox to allow interactivity in future works, Eva and Franco Mattes have already tried to incorporate this aspect in their practice.

One phrase which has caught my attention is the “political football”, an idea or issues that is “kicked” about from side to side and never really comes to an conclusion. I have thought about creating teams within the game FIFA 12 (or 13 depending when it comes out) and using the cabinets of countries to make up the player of the team. Interesting games could be played such Labour vs Conservative, America vs Russia or even a “Legends” game consisting of the most powerful figure in an East vs West game. the list goes on.

I know on FIFA you can create at least one team however setting up several maybe be a problem. I quite like the idea of using popular media to draw in people to interact more with this work.


Still Loading

I’ve decided to use the pixelated gif idea and use the theme of war which relates to the Global Renaissance area of my project. I have been thinking more about global politics and international relations as I have been reading into globalisation and also through the books I have on the Renaissance which deal with similar subjects.

As the world gets smaller in a sense, and technology allows us to witness and learn about things from around the world, as well as interact with others from all corners of the globe, I have made these works dealing with contemporary issues of War which we witness on a daily basis. We hear on the news about conflicts in the middle east and are used to hearing about atrocities and death that we have become numb to it. However in the Western nations we never really see the extent of these events and are often just stories from distant areas of the world that we may never visit. The idea behind these works is show that we do not fully understand or want to see what is going on in these 21st century war zones and is a play on the old internet web browsers which would take a while to load an image suggesting that it s taking a while for us to wake up to events in other parts of the world.

(I think you may have to click on the gifs for them to work on this.)

Sustainability / Preservation

Been thinking about this today, I have been trying to think of it in terms of materials and about physical and digital, is it alot harder to preserve or sustain works that are physical or virtual. Quite like the idea of incorporating nature into this and tying this back to my Second Life wanderings, nature is reproduced and nothing really decays like the real world. I want to look into this more.

Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors

I keep coming back to look at this image, it’s significance in showing the development of the Renaissance man along with discoveries made in the Renaissance world leads me to think that I should create something based on this for my project.


Thinking of 3D (2) – body, beauty and medicine

To follow up on one of my previous posts – Thinking of 3D – I have come up with an idea of a sculptural and video based work which tackles both the idea of body and beauty yet incorporates aspects of medicine and anatomy – looking at the body inwardly as well as aesthetically.

During the Renaissance a lot of ground was made in terms of medical and anatomical knowledge, Da Vinci famously drew the Vitruvian Man which is still used in relation to medicine to this day as well as William Harvey in England, who discovered that it was the heart that pumped blood through the body. My idea is to created a sculpture in the realistic style of Renaissance sculpture with a video depicting an endoscopy and linking to two somehow. By doing this I aim to achieve a play on Renaissance art, along with their passion for discoveries, whilst adding a 21st century twist to the piece whereby the medical discoveries of our time are depicted. Other contemporary artists such as Marc Quinn have adopted the style of classical sculpture and added their own idea about the body and beauty in the 21st century and these works are a great inspiration for this particular idea.

Despotism (3) – Condottieri

Trying to develop my ideas on the themes from the Renaissance book, I’ve written about the despotism in previous posts and developed this by looking at Condottieri or hired soldiers that were big players and important to the change in the geography of states during the Renaissance and affected what leaders would get into power. The influence of these Condottieri had a profound effect on the development or the Renaissance world and often these mercenary leaders would attempt to control states of their own.

To relate this to a contemporary context I have compared these Condottieri to the private army and mercenaries of today, specifically the Blackwater organisation who currently have contracts in Iraq and have been the subject of debate and controversy as to their role in this war. Other modern comparisons can be found within Africa where rebel leaders have grown to be incredibly powerful within their own countries. For this experiment I found a painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson and is a depiction of a war scene, not the perfect image for what I’m trying to do here but I like the idea of the comparison of old Condottieri to their contemporary counterparts.