Body and beauty in the 21st century update

Been working on this for a few weeks now, playing around with layouts and designs, still not got my website sorted out so don’t have the server space to upload it. Still not had a good think about making it mobile friendly yet which I think is going to cause some major problems.


New experiments – body and beauty in the 21st century

Following on from my post “body and beauty in the 21st century”, I began to look at ways of comparing the themes of voyeurism into a 21st century context. The ideas of the body and voyeurism can be found all over the internet, I choose to depict the images of older paintings in my last post into a sort of “live cams” setting, playing on the ideas of porn and the virtual strip tease.

At this point I don’t think I have the design of the browser setting looking right, I don’t intend on changing the images of the original paintings, I would simply like to re contextualise them into a 21st century context.





Thinking about buying somre web hosting at some point over the next few days to hold a website –

I have been playing around with some designs and trying to keep it really simply and quite visual. I’m quite glad to have started this, I feel like this has been hanging over me for a while so its good to get it off the ground. Here’s a screenshot of something I built today, my knowledge of HTML and CSS is pretty shit so theres the added bonus of learning this.

This page will function as the home page and I intend to have a portfolio section in it. With my previous post talking about physical and digital works, I would quite like to set up subdomains to house on going projects which can be accessed through the QR codes which I am going to put in images. They will be on subdomains like and, keeping the main site seperate from the subdomains.

Still a bit to go and a lot of coding to pick up but here’s what I have just now.

Photoshop optical effects

Just messing about here, was looking at some op art and decided to try make this image.

Hurts the eyes a bit

Gradient Digital Painting (3)

Another development from the pervious images. I read an article about the importance of the AK 47 assault rifle. In modern times the AK 47 has become a symbol of rebellion and even features of the flag of Mozambique. What I have done here is taken the AK 47 silhouette and cross them as if its on a coat of arms, showing the rifles as the symbol of rebellion overlaying the gradient being used to represent the blood spilt by these weapons.

Gradient Digital Painting (2)

Another experiment looking into gradients on Photoshop, I like the look of being lost in a colourful digital space, I think these would be nice with paintings or collage stuff over the top of them.

Using a radial gradient

Gradient Digital Painting

Messing about with gradients on photoshop, like the look of this. More of a backdrop to something than anything else I think.