Douglas Gordon

I’ve been a big fan of Douglas Gordon and I¬†particularly¬†like how he appropriates old footage and re works it, would like to adopt a style like his for any video work I do


Janet Cardiff

This artist uses sound to heighten and alter individuals experiences of space and time. Quite like these idea and could relate them back to sound projects I wanted to do

Jeff Koons

I work I saw by Jeff Koons that re works images from the past.

I also like Jeff Koons’ painting style, where he creates compositions on the computer to create his paintings

Damien Hirst

Just watching the Damien Hirst documentary on Chanel 4, thought I’d gone off him, kind of thought of him as a business man these days. But as they go through his old works it reminds me why I like him as an artist.


Saw this image by Emily Jacir called Entry Denied: Outside the Malja. Got me thinking about technology’s relationship to water, for us it is a vital aspect to function and survive where as to technology it causes malfunction and would destroy it.

Art Documentary

Quite enjoyed watching this about students at Goldsmiths preparing for their show

Rashid Rana

Only just discovered this guy who works both with perspective and pixelation, two things I’ve spoken about before.