Love this painting


Richard Prince

Candice Brietz

I like the Ghost Series among other works created by Brietz, these remind me of what I was talking about painting over pictures. Here the artist seems to be making a statement on race, she is a berlin based south african artist and I think with these works she trying to show how the african culture was manipulated by colonial presences in africa. So much so that the tradition and the indigenous people became like ghosts within their own environment.


From looking at Douglas Gordon yesterday, and today having a look through Richard Prince’s work, they both liking using collage and cutting up images (or cutting bits out of images). I think Angus Fairhurst’s work also falls into this category, I would quite like to make some digital collages which I might do today in work.

In the case of Douglas Gordon he also burns and destroy images to create his work, a good example is the first work of his below.

Angus Fairhurst

Richard Prince

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon

Damien Hirst

Just watching the Damien Hirst documentary on Chanel 4, thought I’d gone off him, kind of thought of him as a business man these days. But as they go through his old works it reminds me why I like him as an artist.

Peter Davies

Really like Peter Davies work, quite colourful and like the sketchy looking finishes

Art and Dionysus

Was talking about reading that book on Dionysus in an earlier post that also included the idea of myth and cult, just had a look about for the artworks that featured in the book and stumbled upon quite a number of works that feature or represent this particular god and his myth. The name Bacchus is the Roman name.


Andre Derain

Cy Twombly


Cy Twombly

Henry Matisse