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I’ve decided to use the pixelated gif idea and use the theme of war which relates to the Global Renaissance area of my project. I have been thinking more about global politics and international relations as I have been reading into globalisation and also through the books I have on the Renaissance which deal with similar subjects.

As the world gets smaller in a sense, and technology allows us to witness and learn about things from around the world, as well as interact with others from all corners of the globe, I have made these works dealing with contemporary issues of War which we witness on a daily basis. We hear on the news about conflicts in the middle east and are used to hearing about atrocities and death that we have become numb to it. However in the Western nations we never really see the extent of these events and are often just stories from distant areas of the world that we may never visit. The idea behind these works is show that we do not fully understand or want to see what is going on in these 21st century war zones and is a play on the old internet web browsers which would take a while to load an image suggesting that it s taking a while for us to wake up to events in other parts of the world.

(I think you may have to click on the gifs for them to work on this.)


About Justin Logue - MA Digital Arts
I'm 22 years old, from Glasgow and obtained a BA(Hons) Digital Art from the University of the West of Scotland in 2011. Currently studying the online version of the MA Digital Arts programme at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

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