Thinking of 3D (2) – body, beauty and medicine

To follow up on one of my previous posts – Thinking of 3D – I have come up with an idea of a sculptural and video based work which tackles both the idea of body and beauty yet incorporates aspects of medicine and anatomy – looking at the body inwardly as well as aesthetically.

During the Renaissance a lot of ground was made in terms of medical and anatomical knowledge, Da Vinci famously drew the Vitruvian Man which is still used in relation to medicine to this day as well as William Harvey in England, who discovered that it was the heart that pumped blood through the body. My idea is to created a sculpture in the realistic style of Renaissance sculpture with a video depicting an endoscopy and linking to two somehow. By doing this I aim to achieve a play on Renaissance art, along with their passion for discoveries, whilst adding a 21st century twist to the piece whereby the medical discoveries of our time are depicted. Other contemporary artists such as Marc Quinn have adopted the style of classical sculpture and added their own idea about the body and beauty in the 21st century and these works are a great inspiration for this particular idea.


About Justin Logue - MA Digital Arts
I'm 22 years old, from Glasgow and obtained a BA(Hons) Digital Art from the University of the West of Scotland in 2011. Currently studying the online version of the MA Digital Arts programme at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

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