Sustainability and my project

I have been thinking about the idea of looking at sustainability and art for our collaboration project. At first I was a bit skeptical due to the fact that I wasn’t really too sure what direction I could go with this, or what kind of outcome could be produced by looking at sustainability and art in the digital environment.

Since then however I feel this could work well, the idea of sustainability and the protection of the environment in the digital age is something I could bring into my digital renaissance project. The idea could tie in well with my global renaissance stuff as it is important to the well being of the planet, I also like the idea of looking into this as it co incides with alot of ideas that the Scottish government are coming up within the fields of green energy and the likes.


Gradient Digital Painting (3)

Another development from the pervious images. I read an article about the importance of the AK 47 assault rifle. In modern times the AK 47 has become a symbol of rebellion and even features of the flag of Mozambique. What I have done here is taken the AK 47 silhouette and cross them as if its on a coat of arms, showing the rifles as the symbol of rebellion overlaying the gradient being used to represent the blood spilt by these weapons.

Gradient Digital Painting (2)

Another experiment looking into gradients on Photoshop, I like the look of being lost in a colourful digital space, I think these would be nice with paintings or collage stuff over the top of them.

Using a radial gradient

Gradient Digital Painting

Messing about with gradients on photoshop, like the look of this. More of a backdrop to something than anything else I think.

Tradigital art

In an attempt to appease my traditional fine arts side with the digital, I quite like the idea of creating collages and compositions on photoshop which I can print and paint over the top of it.

Heres a shitty example to demonstrate what I mean, done on photoshop but its suppose to represent the painting with the digital image

Older works (2)

These are from my degree show which was called Digital Renaissance as well and I think my work for this MA has really started off from these, although the direction I’m going in has changed drastically since then I would put this back as the starting point


Took this a few weeks back just outside my house at sunset, really liked the colours of the sky which reminded me of the photoshop colour picker