Saw this image by Emily Jacir called Entry Denied: Outside the Malja. Got me thinking about technology’s relationship to water, for us it is a vital aspect to function and survive where as to technology it causes malfunction and would destroy it.


Artwork Idea Two (2)

Be good if I could get the sound part of this project to speak aloud Twitter posts for example of the person in the painting.

It would seem as if the painting is speaking to the audience, constantly changing and adding a new dimension to the portrait, the thoughts of the individual.

Artwork Idea Three

This one comes from my posts on advertising where I showed the example of the advertising board in the street, I would quite like to work with these in a gallery setting, I also think that some sound artworks to accompany it would be good.

Artwork Idea Two

This one is inspired by a sound art article I posted a while back, here I was interested in creating sound from a painting. If for example the painting was a portrait of someone, the sound sensors would be placed over places on the image creating a sort of extension of the portrait. Still not thought it through that much but I quite like the idea of it.

Artwork Idea One

This idea comes from the layout of the videos that I posted previously, I thought it would be nice to create a sort of portrait of Glasgow, showing many videos together in different sizes that have their own narratives but also work as a larger work.

Back to the Digital Renaissance

I think the rebirth that I feel is happening is in the ability to find out and research what is happening on all corners of the globe at almost a moments notice Рthe rebirth through technology is in the development of our world view by being able to contribute or find out about foreign causes, or to become journalists in our right with the tools to be able to communicate and share news and information without much media control, websites such as Twitter and even Facebook, among many others, provide platforms for us to do so.

Ultimately I feel that the opinions and customs of cultures and individuals are developing to incorporate this idea of the ‘world view’ , with the rise of technologies being the catalyst for this. Even if I look at my work along with undertaking the MA, websites are being built for clients in several countries, we discuss art related stuff on Mondays with others from different parts of the world who we may not have ever met all through the use of technologies with programmes such as Skype etc.

This is where I feel the core of the Digital Renaissance lies.


Even though I didn’t get to sit through the whole chat on Monday, the idea of hearing silence which Matthias was talking about at the beginning of the chat has stayed with me. I’ve never really thought about it before, but the whole idea of it is interesting to me and something which I would like to look at in more depth.